Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Hurricane Katrina and why the time is now ........

Katrina's Destruction

Today WGCI's own Crazy Howard Mcgee and his morning show(of which I am a proud member)did something that is practically unheard of. The number one radio station in Chicago ...... the powerhouse station that prides itself on playing the hits stopped the music and devoted the entire morning show to talk to listeners in Chicago that had connections to people in the areas that were affected by Hurricane Katrina. Some grew up in the small towns of Mississippi or cruised down Canal Street in New Orleans. Others hadn't talked to family members or friends and couldn't get in touch because of the power outage and downed phone lines. One in particular - Nate - was on the phone with his fiancee and three children when the water started to seep then gush into their home. This was Monday. The line went dead as he begged them to press towels under the door to stop the flow of water. He hasn't talked to them since. It broke my heart.

Tomorrow I board a plane headed for the beautiful island of Bermuda. I will be there for to broadcast live in celebration of Crazy Howard's 10th anniversary on WGCI. I will be there to smile and sign books at my first official booksigning. I thought I would be there to relax and have some much needed downtime. But now I find that I am leaving with a heavy heart. My thoughts and prayers will be here with the thousands that so easily could have been me. I am not sure how those who have been dealt such devestation can ever rest easy again. I'm not sure how any of us can.

My mother faced such turmoil just this past winter as she spent time with her mother in Jamaica. We couldn't reach her for two days but she made it home to her husband, two children and 6 grandchildren. Not like the mother who begged her husband to just let her go so he could save her children. He doesn't know if she made it or not.

In light of the tragedy a co-worker has vowed to mend a relationship with his estranged father of more than 30 years who just happens to have made it safely out of New Orleans. And others have just vowed to mend. Sometimes it takes destruction of this magnitude to make it happen.

So when I read an email sent by a fellow member of an online book club it gave me pause. It touched my heart and I asked her if I could publish it on my blog. It is as follows:

Hey all,

As I sit here thinking about all that has happened to our world in the past few months, with the latest being the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, my heart is heavy and I am in a reflective mood.

I just want to put something on your minds and in your hearts. Do you have someone you have fallen out with? Is there someone you haven't talked to in a long time? If so, now is the time to fix it. Don't let another day pass with angry words left between you. Even though whatever it was may have seemed serious at the time, in the whole scope of things, it's really very minor. What's most important is love. You never know if you will get a chance to fix that wounded relationship. Hug your family and tell them you love them, because as the Bible tells us, tomorrow is not promised.

And most importantly, and I apologize if this offends anyone, but if you don't have a right relationship with God, now is the time to fix that also. I believe in Him, and I believe in His power. I also believe that one day this world is going to end and that we will all have to stand before the judgement seat. And I know that I want to be one of the ones who makes it into heaven.

Again, I apologize if this offends anyone, but this was heavy on my heart (for personal reasons also) and I couldn't go another minute without sharing it.

If you are able, please do what you can to help the hurricane victims, especially those in New Orleans who have lost everything. Maybe we can start a Literary Relief Fund? I don't know how we would go about that though? Anyone have any thoughts?

Much love,

Renee Williams

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Thank you Renee and much love to you all.


  1. Yes it is time for us all to think about life and what ours means in general.
    Hurricane Katrina is one devastating mama jamma:( I am praying for all those who lived inplaces she hit and their families. Also for there hometowns...most of them will now have nowhere to return's awful:( Great post!!

    Take care down in Bermuda:)

  2. I have family and friends in Nawlins/ Baton Rouge. Its so sad seeing from a distance feeling helpless. This is only a sign of times, an indication how bless we are because what you have today could be gone tomorrow.I pray for the continued support from all those in the world. I've paid 2 weeks stay for 2 families who made it here to Houston... I wished there was more we can do, until then we pray.

  3. This is truly a tragedy that escapes even the worst trappings of the imagination . . . like you, I can't imagine how any of us can ever "go back to sleep" after this; however, to rest our weary minds, even if all we can do is pray, then we need to do just that - and without ceasing. For all the fallen, lost, and destitute, now is the time for action. No matter what we do - donate blood, FedEx some clothes, send $20 - we've gotta do something . . . what would we want someone to do if it were us down there?

  4. I spent this weekend with my brother and his new fiancee, my family and best friend. I can't imagine the suffering that the people went through. I pray for them and have donated. But still I feel as if it is not enough.

  5. Rose - I agree ....

    I'm not sure what is enough either and I think a lot of people just don't know what to do. I say do anything because even a little will make a world of difference to someone who has nothing.

  6. I hope that God can give them Strength and restore the faith. I wouldl ike this to be put in the past sooner thatn later. I love life and to loose all the memories (people,handmedown furniture etc.) is sad. your history of your family is gone. Live for today adn not tomorrow.

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