Tuesday, October 18, 2005

GOD works ........

Sometimes you need a nudge in the right direction, no matter how small. Shaye was the elbow of God's arm that jabbed me sharply in my side this morning. She needed my help in starting an affirmation that was to be presented at a celebration of womanhood ..... tonight. Well, I needed an affirmation because quite frankly it was already starting to be one of dem days and has been for about the past 68 (give or take a few) of 'em. I won't even waste the time trying to romanticize it by coming up with some poetic term. I've been in a flat out funk.

So when I started writing, the words flowed and with Shaye's brilliant collaboration, this is what we came up with. And with the first read through I knew, that no matter where I am or where I was ... at this moment .... in this moment .... being there is perfectly ok.

Now inhale (as deeply as the circumstances dictate) and let's say our affirmation together ............

By Nikki Woods & Sharon Gray

Today, I will remember that everything is temporary.

I declare calm in my life and reclaim my inner peace.

I am free to be me.

I shall be true to myself and create new visions just for me.

I honor the friends in my life.

I forgive myself and others.

Today, I release all fear, anger, and doubt.

I willingly release the past.

It's not the destination, ultimately it is the journey.

And I am enjoying my journey through life. I smile.

Today I will embody my vision.

Today, I will listen, hear and obey my inner voice, resisting all suspects.

I celebrate life and all its goodness.

I give thanks for being allowed to see another sunset.

I shall hold on because a change is coming. I choose to transform my life.

I choose positive thoughts.

I have the power to make changes in my life.

I release and let go.

At this moment.

Now ....... Exhale ................ Damn, that felt good.


  1. breathing becomes a little easier huh... when you release all- EXHALE. Keep breathing, inner peace is always uplifting!

  2. Now this is what I'm talking about, girlfriend I'm going to adopt these affirmations.

    Lets X`HALE together! A lovely piece.

  3. I said this as if i wrote and exhaled and was relieved of that I held on to for so long. Great great great great Post. very powerful words.

  4. This was great! It DID feel good. I live by affirmations, okay. I send them out to my friends every morning. I was very surprised to find they enjoy them so much. Whenever I can't send them, they fill my email box up asking why I haven't sent them their morning inspirations..makes a sista feel good to know she's making a difference in someone's life..

  5. These were great affirmations. Exhaling always helps me to center myself...thanks

  6. Maybe I should use this stuff to calm myself down during my times of stressful yelling (at kids). :P lol

  7. Anonymous9:28 PM

    I was looking for blogs about tai chi and came across yours. I have whats referred to as a hard style Karate School and this is something we've been contemplating adding to it. Great blog you have and I've enjoyed reading the posts on it.

  8. I must admit that I haven't read or recited any affirmations in a long time. This was very refreshing...I too have been in a bit of a funk.

    That was exactly what the doctor ordered.

  9. Nikki...This is so heartfelt. I love reading your blogs. I feel transcended. And entering your world is simply divine.

    Thanks for everything.

    Your diva friend,

  10. I needed this. It's been so stressful for me these last weeks as I'm putting together this conference. (Which i'm thanking you from the bottom of my heart with all your help).

    I'm cutting and pasting these out to read every day, Nik.

    You're a breath of fresh air for all who know you.

  11. From your homegirl in Rock Hill - perfect thoughts. I will share this with my daughter & apply it to my own life. Keep on encouraging.

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