Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Flippin' the Script

Easier Said Than Done - Cover

OK, after much thought and even more speculation I will be taking the plunge. Tommorrow. No, I'm not going to cut my hair into a sporty bald fade. I won't be picking up and dragging my babies to Japan just because I've discovered I like - no love - Sushi. And I'm certainly not going to pull a Sheryl Swoops move and I wouldn't be talking about her infamous cross-over dribble move or would I? Not that there's anything wrong with that.

None of the above ...

What I'm talking about is answering the question, "What the hell is up withcha girl Essence?"

Now for those of you that are not familiar with Essence, she was the sexy, off-the-chain, backstabbing, manstealing friend of Kingston - the protagonist in my debut novel, Easier Said Than Done. I won't take time to delve into the story, but if you haven't picked up a copy of ESTD than I encourage you to do so. Yes, Now would be a good time. Either visit me on line at or you can buy it via Pick it up today because I will begin posting her story tomorrow and trust me, it's going to be HOT! So go ahead, purchase Easier Said Than Done. I'll wait.

Play pleasant music and read disclaimer now: (The sex scenes will be a little EXPLICIT. Ok, ALOT explicit! I'm gonna be working out some things. (insert salacious grin)

Back already? Order the book? (enter assumption that you answered with an affirmative.) Good.

So yes, while I will continue to add inspiration to my blog, I will also be throwing chapters fromt the sequel to Easier Said Than Done which is told from Essence's point of view and may be inspirational in another way.

Ummmm, did I mention at least twice that you should buy - Easier Said Than Done today? And I gave you the website so you can order it? I did? (wait patiently until dramatic pause ends.) Ok. Then my job here is done.


  1. Janice8:10 AM

    YES I have my copy!
    You're too funny Nikki! I love your blog!


  2. YIPPEEE. Loving this. Digging this. I have my copy.. AWESOME read. Nikki..I love your energy diva. Continue to do the damn Thang!


  3. I'm ordering RIGHt NOW! You are hilarious! Keep Doin' the damn thing!

  4. Anonymous10:35 AM

    I was wondering about Ms. Essence. I had a "friend" like that in high school.

  5. u r too funny, Nikki. too funny.

  6. Now you know we all had an Essence in our earlier or even present lives. I know Essence, in more ways than one. She has come to full fruition. The character we all love to hate. I've had my autographed copy for awhile. LOVING IT...Thanks mentor, confidant and friend. You are the best.

  7. Great book.

    I recently got into suchi, too. I don't know why I was so scared of it to begin with.