Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Affirmations for Adversity

Whenever you are doing BIG things, challenges will arise. That is a fact. It comes with the territory. Luke 12:48 states that, "To Whom Much Is Given, Much Is Required. Biggie said, "More money, more problems." From the Bible to Hip-Hop, the message is the same. Adversity is the direct challenge to prosperity. And there's no way to get around it. You have to meet it head on. And that's what I'm doing - armed with my affirmations. I thought I'd share.


There are revelations and new growth. I accept. I am grateful.

I welcome the challenge that life is. Focus is set to uncover present blessings and see what's so that's good. Within are unborn possibilities of limitless potential.

I am grateful for new ideas, new strength, new vision that carry me into a future unlike the past.

I pay attention to thoughts of good, positive actions, feelings of assurance. All endings are refreshing beginnings. New good is on its way to me today. Gratitude abounds.

I am alert and awake in all challenges. Certainty of good outcomes guide my way today.

There are good things in store for me, gratitude opens amazing new perspectives of possibility for each moment.

There are ways beyond ways, there is good beyond good, there is power beyond power. I envision my self there, each day, gratefully.

Now there are doors where windows used to be and we are thankful.


  1. I am with you gurl. Preach sistah!

    I hate that word sweetie too.

    Men forget that we have to go through our daily lives being called Mommy, or misses, or our childhood name from our family, that when someone actually calls us by our real name we love it.

    Say my name say my name, brotha!

  2. oops I posted in the wrong post nikki. sorry.

  3. Anonymous12:37 PM


    I so needed to read this.. Thanks so much for posting!!


  4. Anonymous1:54 PM

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