Saturday, December 31, 2005

Gearing up for 2006 - Day Three

We're rolling on with day three. And our question is: (DRUM ROLL PLEASE)

What would I have done differently? Why?

I really don't believe in do overs. I think every things happens for a reason and from every situation - a chance to grow. And I've done a lot of growing this past year. But since I'm asking you to answer the question; so will I. One thing I think I would have done differently is researching publishing companies before I signed a contract. I wasn't as interested in learning the business of writing as I should have been and it has caused some turmoil. I can't be mad though, because publishing Easier Said Than Done has been one of my biggest opportunities for learning in 2005. A couple of lessons: 1. most things can not be taken at face value - dig a little deeper and it may be a whole 'nother story and 2. the best of intentions does not always produce the best results.

Now what say you?


  1. Anonymous7:43 AM

    I agree that everything happens for a reason. there is a lesson in every error we make that helps us grow. the only thing I would have done differently was allow more time for myself and more family time with my son. Children grow quickly and I can't make up for lost time

  2. Hey Nikki,
    I would not have done anything differently, however I learned quite a few lessons from decisions I made last year that will help me this year.

    This is great, let me catch up on the other posts.... :)

  3. I would have been more obedient to the small voice inside of me guiding me to make wise decisions instead of careless ones. But, then maybe I wouldn't have had the pleasure of watching God be God. So, no regrets, just lessons learned!

  4. Anonymous5:25 PM

    not gone to jamaica to my aunts funeral, because i saw a side of family that traumatized me. people fighting over ded lef. eye opener one cannot choose family

  5. Hey Nikki, my biggest regret in 2005 was that I allowed people to infringe on my joy. Cliche, perhaps but true. I may never understand why people can't rejoice in success or at the very least keep quiet. I thank God for allowing me to see that people aren't naturally petty, but weak, insecure people are easily manipulated by darkness to do petty things.

    So in 2006 and beyond, everybody take notice. "Ain't nobody... NOBODY... stealin' my joy!" And as my Grandmother would say, "Don't you let nobody steal nothing from you either!"

  6. I don't think I would have done anything different because the lessons I've learned were one's needed to last me a life time. People has been greatest challenge,its hard to believe and trust in others when their motives are for their own selfish reasons.

    I've learned to follow in gut instinct, I can never go wrong if I listen with my head and heart on the same accord.

  7. I don't think I would have done anything differently. I also believe everything happens for a reason.

  8. Yes everything does happen for a reason...although the reason very well might be because you DIDN'T do something differently. *Sigh* I would push myself harder to achieve my goals. I did well but I allowed myself to loose focus, to take on too much, and loose sight of what I said was most important to me.