Monday, January 16, 2006

Gearing up for 2006 - Day Eight

So we're rolling on to day eight - which just happens to be a national holiday for Martin Luther King's birthday. And today's question seemed kind of fitting. Why? Well, Martin Luther King, Jr. faced some seemingly insurmountable challenges and was able to successfully overcome most of them. So today, let's talk about:

What were my biggest challenges? How did I overcome them?

Publishing my book was one of my biggest challenges but I think I've beaten that horse into the ground. So, the next biggest challenge was my eating habits. I can resort to psycho babble and say that for most of my life, I have not had the best relationship with food. I don't think food has ever been my friend. In fact - though I hardly ever talk about it - I have had an eating disorder (of one variety or another) for the majority of my teen and adult years. That was a rough one. This past year has been about healing whatever pain my eating patterns have been a symptom of. I know it's about self image and self esteem but I still think it has to be something more than that. When I was raped in college, things went into over drive and I became dangerously unhealthy. I've gotten better, but am by no means cured. Though I am not in the throws of any eating disorder, I still don't view food as my friend. For the sake of my health and the values that I impart to my children, I want to change that. I took some major steps in 2005 to do that but still have a few to go.


That was a tough one.


  1. Anonymous8:19 AM

    My biggest challenge was finding myself. Somewhere along the way of being a mother,daughter,lover,friend and employee I lost myself. I took a little time back for me.

  2. Anonymous12:20 PM

    as someone who grew up with you - I can't tell you how proud I am of you for freeing yourself to be who you have always been - a phenomenal woman. I think we all have had our battles to fight, & you by far, you have proved to be a true warrior. Keep inspiring...

  3. For me, my biggest challenges this year have been (1) getting out of my own way (I tend to be my biggest obstacle.) and (2) coming to terms with some issues from my past that have held me back in terms of relationships, name it. I realized that it was more than okay to be who am I at all times & to be that person without apology.