Thursday, November 30, 2006

NaNoWriMo Update


I did it! I successfully completed 50,000 words and am a winner in this year's NaNoWriMo competition.

It was a fabulous experience and taught me two valuable lessons about writing. 1.) I learned hot to focus more on just moving the story line along and writing without judging ever little thing as I go. 2.) I also learned how emotionally exhausting writing can be when done right. I put all of my heart, soul and PAIN into those 50 thousand words and have already been approached by a publisher. YEAH! You can still click on my page to read the excerpt that is currently posted: My NaNoWriMo Page

Congrats to, writerwritz and WashuSaotome who completed if not all, at least most of the word count. Also, many thanks going out to those who sent inspirational words and cyber pats on the back to keep me going. Can't forget my little cheerleaders - Tyler and Junior - who make everything worthwhile.

My Survival Kit has been depleted but my Sweetie has promised something special to help me celebrate my accomplishment. Definately going to hold him to it.

I am so damn proud of myself that I can't help but do the booty dance while yelling, "Margarita's on me!"


  1. GO Nikki Go Nikki it's your birthday go Nikki. You are Tha Woman. I am so proud of you. Keep on writing.

  2. Congratulations to you lady! I can't wait to read your book

  3. Congratulations!! I'm over from Phases of Writing. You are both inspiring! I think I may try this next November.

  4. nikki woods4:58 PM

    Thanks Jalady! I appreciate your support and friendship.

    cq and stephen - nice to see you around these here parts. hopey you'll come back to visit. I appreciate your kind words. stephen, I am sure you will be able to meet the NaNoWriMo challenge in 2007!

  5. congrats gurl.

    I think i might do it next year. trying to get my mindset together now and just know i can do it!

  6. Congratulation to my writing buddy. I love your story I can see it as a best seller.

  7. Anonymous12:17 AM

    Congrats to you, Lady! =)