Friday, December 22, 2006

Gearing up for 2007 - Day Two

So, today is our day to brag. Don't hold back. I'm sure you'll be surprised like I was all that you were able to get done in 2005. Write it down, then give yourself a big hug! I'm proud of you!

What did I accomplish?


  1. nikki woods11:12 AM


    One accomplishment was completing my debut novel, "Easier Said Than Done" and getting it published. An even bigger accomplishment was keeping my sanity while doing it. I also completed my motivational speaking demo tape and have it ready to ship off in the new year. My film production compnay was incorporated as well as my non-profit organization, "The Nikki Woods LeaderHership Academy" which will target girls between 12 and 18. And the script for "Easier Said Than Done" as well as my second novel, "Innocence Lost" are close to completion. Whew! It's been a roller coaster of a year and I'm sure I've missed some things. BUT that's just surface stuff. Most importantly, I developed a personal relationship with my Savior. I am talking more about just "getting church". I'm talking about a real relationship, a friendship and intimacy that I have never experienced before. I am also feeling more comfortable in my own skin. I accept my weaknesses as well as my strengths and have learned to capitalize on both. For someone who has struggled with confidence issues for most of their life - this is a HUGE accomplishment. I'm also very proud of my children and the things that they have accomplished as they made it to 2 and 4 years old and learned skills in leaps and bounds. Of couse, mommy takes a certain pride in that she had a hand in that.

    This year was more about building upon what I accomplished last year. I continued to grow my already existing companies and have also started a media imaging company that I am getting a big kick out of! I went through some trials and tribulations that helped strengthen my faith muscle and develop an even deeper relationship with my God.

  2. i7Wow, after reading all that I guess I really didn't accomplish much. I started a short story and entered a poem into a competition. My poem was selected to be in a book of poetry.I got my son through 2nd grade and he's doing well in 3rd. I got my verbally abusive boyfriend to accept he has a problem and now he is getting the help he needs. I also allowed him some more time in my house with a deadline. He's changed for the better but he still has to go.