Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Would YOU?

I found this on one of the many websites I haunt:


(Blink and then read it again. I'll bold it to make it a little bit easier.)


Now this is a BIG reality check for all you guys out there who just KNOW you're SEXUAL GODS and just KNOW that any woman who's had the privilege of experiencing your coital gifts would trade her first-born child for one more throwdown with you.

According to this study the truth of the matter is that women would sell you down the river for a closet full of new Prada dresses and a few pairs of Manolo Blahniks.

The new poll conducted by Unilever (they own Ben and Jerry's, Lever 2000, Slim-Fast and like 40 other brands) of about 1,000 women in 10 American cities, on average, women say they'd go ABSTINENT for 15 months in exchange for a closet full of new clothes.

15 months? Now that is a LONG chance to abstain by choice!

It gets even better. 2% of women would abstain for THREE YEARS if it meant that new closet of clothes.

61% say it'd be worse to lose their favorite piece of clothing than give up sex for a month.

And this could be a reason why: HALF of the women say that their favorite clothes are MORE RELIABLE than MEN in giving them confidence and making them feel sexy.

OH MY! Makes me wonder where they found the women that were surveyed and better yet ... where those women found the men that they are dating and having relations with.

Now I'm not saying that being abstinent for 15 months is a bad thing. I've done it and it can be a very focusing experience. BUT to make that choice just to get a new pair of shoes. I think not.

I'm not going to touch the part about women making that choice because men are unreliable and less than supportive. Once again - that goes back to the type of man that you're picking.

While we're talking about this. . . a completely different survey, by Travelodge, backed it up. . . finding that most women say, at bedtime, they'd rather read, watch TV or just quickly fall asleep than be intimate with their man.

Ok my fellow bloggers - what's your take on this?

(CBS 4 - Miami / Sky News)


  1. I wish I could just leave this one alone; but, in my heart, I can't! If you get an offer for a wardrobe, and if the wardrobe is worth well over 50 grand! Hell yes. Do that shit, boo! But, make sure you choose business suits, lingerie, workout gear, sneakers, and (YES!) shoes. If you can get all that, and maybe a couple suits for your main man Relentless Aaron, (shameless, I know!)then you can do it! In fact, I've been told that my books (especially Platinum Dolls) have given women that much needed "O" whether on the train or at work. (I know; more shameless!)
    So, maybe a book of mine as an alternative?

    Or, if you really like it raunchy, just pick up a few nasty flicks to hold you down for a while.

    Ladies, on the other hand, nothing material is worth a day of pleasure. I was away for 7 years with no nooky, no affection, and not even a tender tuch of a woman. And all I could think about were the material items that were such a waste of time tochase after. Now, 7 yrs is far and away from 15 months. Still, my point is, If I Did it, You Can Too!!! (Wow. Sounds like a title for a book!)

    BIG SLOPPY, WET KISS to all of you, whether you would or wouldn't do this!

  2. By the way: where did they do this survey, in UTAH?

  3. Relentess ....

    There is no doubt that women CAN do it ... the question is why would you if you don't have too?

    But you do have a point .... more important than missing sex ... I would miss the intimacy of the man I love touching me, kissing me and making me feel incredibly loved.

  4. I found your blog through a link from U Aint Neva Lied and had to respond to this post. 15 months? I've been celibate 19. Why do I do it when I don't have to? Because I haven't seen anything I want to touch. LOL You said you would miss the intimacy of being loved by a man you love. That's the key right there. I don't love any of these dudes like that. Now that said, if I was in a relationship I definitely would not refrain just for a wardrobe. How very sad it is that some women actually need men or clothes to feel sexy.

  5. Those stats shouldn't shock too many people. While some might abstain for some precious new clothes, others get busy for the sole purpose of getting new clothes. Either way the outcome is clear: clothes flatter, don't talk back and don't tap you on the shoulder late at night when all she wants to do is finish her book. LOL

    As for the bedtime preferences, that's what happens when we wait til bedtime for some... Intimate relations!

  6. I'm not sure honestly. I would love a new wardrobe but I also totally do not care about how many clothes are in my wardrobe. So I'm gathering that I'll be the opposite on this one. Who needs clothes when you getting nooky all the time. You don't need clothes for that :)