Sunday, March 18, 2007


*INSIDE* by Me
So many people today
don't stop to see the
beauty on the inside of a person
they only see what is
on the outside
they judge, point, stare
but the outside is just the
the best part of someone is hidden from
the eyes of those who refuse to see
all that is inside is really what counts
the big heart
the kind gestures
the sweetness of my life
your smile is not only
on the outside but ...
in the inside as well
the beauty of you can not be put into words
it's not a handsome face, sexy arms or strong legs
even though you have that and more
the beauty of you can not be put into words because
there are none to describe
the true essence that beats inside
and nothing is more beautiful
then being held close
held tight
inside of your beautiful heart

*REVIVAL* by Bianca Mitchell
Impassioned by a passionate plea
The very strong desire to Flee
To remove the safety net and cross over
Walk the tight rope spread taught over Sky Scrapers
Not looking down or having fear but looking up
Take the dare and like the Army be all you can be
Or better yet like Nike, Just do it! Just do it! Just do it!
Aspire to the higher highs after living in the lows
Rolling with average Joes who don’t want to see me to see me soar, Fly, touch the sky
Sweating out the scent of failure through my pores
Washing off the grime of regrets
Letting the hot water melt the ice of fear that leaves me immobile
Toweling off the remnants of negative thoughts
Dressing for success and walking away from the closed door
Attach my cape and leap bravely through opportunity’s open window.

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  1. Anonymous6:10 AM

    your poem is beautiful...