Wednesday, January 09, 2008

What Kind Of Game Are You Playing?

And how does it manifest in your life. Chances are if you play the blame game then your circumstances may not be what you want them to be. But how do we change them if we point the finger at everyone and everything else as the reason for the bad things that happen to us?

Well, the first step to changing your circumstances is to stop blaming somebody or some events for where you are today.

Sure other people and events had an influence - but it's time to accept some responsibility and admit that you may have had a role in how things turned out.

If you look carefully at the events of the past you'll find that a single decision or a series of decisions that you made played a major role in creating your own circumstances.

When you accept some responsibility you begin to give yourself the power to change things.

If you continue to blame somebody or an event - you give them power and you will continue to live life on their terms.

You can live life on somebody else's terms and change your situation. It simply won't happen.

If you still don't feel that you played a role - then take a look at your thoughts. Are they predominantly negative? Are they filled with anger? Resentment? If they are then you will only attract more negative situations to you and this will lead to more negative circumstances.

If your circumstances are negative or if you feel you are not living the life you want then in order to change this you have to accept that on some level you manifested the life that you have.

You may not want to admit to that - but work with this idea for and you'll begin to understand how you can create change.

For example: if you are currently unemployed - what decision or choices did you make that may have played a role in you being unemployed? Did the job you selected that you eventually lost lead to your current situation? Had you made a different choice would you still be unemployed?

If you recently got divorced or broke up with your spouse - what choices or actions did you take that may have played a role in your current situation? Could you have made a better choice?

Chances are we all could have made different choices that would have changed our circumstances. And this is the process of accepting responsibility. Because now you can focus on making better choices, attracting better situations and creating the changes that you want.

How can you make better choices?

Change the way you think. Instruct your subconscious mind to help you make better choices. Attract better situations into your life by changing the way you think and live.

So think about your current situation. Accept some responsibility for what happened - when you accept responsibility you give yourself the power to create the changes that you want. Look back at some of the decisions that you made that may have influenced the way your life turned out. Track your thoughts - are they predominantly negative or positive?

Start making better choices. Get your mind and subconscious mind working for you so that you begin improving your situation.

Change Your Attitude.

Now that you have accepted some responsibility it's time to begin attracting positive situations and people into your life. To do this first start with your attitude. This means instead of looking at what is wrong in your situation and other situations - look for what is positive and find ways to correct what is wrong.

How do you change your attitude?

Change what you regularly think about. Instead of filling your mind with negative thoughts - fill them with positive thoughts.

Instead of looking at why things won't work out - force yourself to find solutions and think of how things can work out.

Open yourself up to all possibilities.

Think of your mind as garden, you can cultivate it, or you can let it run wild. You can fill it with the weeds of negative thinking, thoughts of lack, limitation and worry. If you don't control your mind and cultivate it with positive thoughts regularly - the weeds of negative thinking will take over and destroy your life - just like weeds can
destroy your garden.

It's your mind and how you think, live and see things will have a direct impact on your current situation.


Every thought you have is picked up by your subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind then considers your regular thoughts as an instruction - telling it to create what you regularly think. So if you are constantly negative and have a negative attitude you will continue to create your own negative circumstances.

This constant negative thought process could lead to you losing your job, breaking up with a spouse, losing your home, making bad investment choices, losing on a business venture, etc.

A negative attitude leads to a negative life and negative circumstances.

So start changing your thoughts and attitude today. Regularly think about the positive situations in your life.

Search for good and positive things everyday. Look for solutions instead of constantly looking at the problem.

And start playing a different game - one that you control not one that controls you.

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  1. Great words of advice.
    Continued success to you in 2008.

    Sybil Barkley-Staples
    Author, Candy for My Soul & She'll Learn