Sunday, February 03, 2008


Check out the star-studded music video to the “Yes We Can Song” which includes excerpts from Sen. Barack Obama’s speech following the New Hampshire primary. The video which premiered on, features appearances from several celebrities including: Will.I.Am, Scarlett Johansson, Common, John Legend, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Tatyana Ali, Adam Rodriguez, Kelly Hu, Nick Cannon and more.

“I’m blown away by how many people wanted to come and be a part of it in a short amount of time. It was all out of love and hope for change and really representing America and looking at the world,” Will.I.Am said.


  1. Anonymous9:44 PM

    It's great that he has the support of so may. He appeals to the young new voters and if he can get them out to vote he has a great chance of winning. My question to you is, Is America ready for a black president? Will he considered to be "black enough" by self-hating black Americans? If he wins, will he live long enough to serve his term? I wonder. I, for one, plan on voting for him. I strongly believe he will do all he can to make a difference.

  2. I would like to dedicate this poem to our 44th president Barack Obama. People are flocking to him because he is real.

    You Can't Win A Race....
    World famous runners will tell you the first rule of track: Which is you can’t win a race if you’re looking back. You can‘t win a race if you are not focused and disciplined, You can’t get to Heaven which is the ultimate goal in life if you continue to sin. You can’t win a race if you don’t sweep around your own front door, You can’t win a race if you are always finger pointing and taking score. Just take a note from President Obama’s 2008 campaign, You will see that he never looked back and refrained, From dousing his opponents with equal doses of venom, He just relied on the intelligence and talent within him. He didn’t wince when they called him a rock star and inexperienced, That is why they have been calling him commander in chief ever since! He didn’t stumble when nay sayers questioned his vital statistics, He promptly produced them just as he does with pertinent logistics. So, I say to you today, you can’t win a race by playing the race card, You can’t win a race by being a cartoon drawing retard! Okay, my friends if you have learned anything today: It is that you certainly can’t win a race if you are looking back, World class runners will tell you that it’s the first rule of track!