Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Top 10 Reasons Why People Unfollow You On Twitter

This is a post that is well-overdue and I need to get it off of my chest. I’m very selective with who I follow on Twitter, I don’t want my feed cluttered with junk that I don’t care about.
The following points are the top 10 reasons why I unfollow people on Twitter:

1) You’re An Egghead  
EggheadBy “an egghead”, I’m referring to the infamous default Twitter profile pic, which is is an egg with a colored background. If you don’t take the time to complete your profile on Twitter, I’m going to infer that you won’t tweet anything of value or worth reading.

2) Your Tweets Aren’t In English 
This one is a no-brainer, in my opinion. Unlike the other nine reasons listed here, this point is probably the one that some can’t help. If you can’t write in English, I can’t read it; if I can’t read it, I’m not cluttering my Twitter feed with your tweets.

3) Your Tweets Are In English, But I Still Can’t Understand Them   
Yes, I know Twitter limits you to 140 characters, and because of that, sometimes you need to use some acronyms.

But when you tweet “Ova wit, yeen, finna, wazzam?, Truu, you flexxin, bruh, fa sum, Bet” (Yes, that is an actual tweet…IN English), you might as well tweet in Cantonese  I’ll understand just as much….then I’ll unfollow you.

4) You Tweet Way Too Much   
In real life, no one likes the person who just doesn’t shut up; the same goes for Twitter. If I open my Twitter feed and your tweets take up 8 of the 10 spots, you’re getting the axe.

5) You’re Always Trying to Sell Me Something   
Even if you’re a brand, the occasional self-promotional tweet is okay and tolerable, but when you do nothing but try and use Twitter as an advertising tool and not an engagement tool, you’re doing it wrong.

6) You’re A Sucker and You Always Click On Those Stupid Spam Tweets, Which In Turn, Spam Me 
NEWS FLASH!!! No one is saying nasty things about you and no one took a naked picture of you. STOP being so gullable and clicking on those links. If it seems fishy, it probably is, even if it is from someone you know; chances are, they got hacked.

7) You’re Offensive and Vulgar   
Pretty straight forward here. While social media is a great way to express yourself, you still need to conduct yourself and your words in such a way that it would not make your grandmother blush or your boss fire you.

8) You Rant About Politics   
Keep it to yourself unless it provides true, unbiased insight.

9) You’re A Beggar/Pity Party 
Nobody likes the “oh, woe is me” girl, and when you consistently post how bad your life/situation is, you only make us hate you. Oh, and stop begging me for retweets; how about tweeting something interesting for a change? Then, I might retweet you.
And last but not least…

10) You Don’t Add Twitter Value   
When I follow a person or brand, I do so with the intention that their tweets will benefit me in some way. If you want to add value to your tweets, share links, interesting articles, cool photos, etc. It’s rare that a tweet without a some sort of link is of any use to anyone (aside from quotes).

But those may just be my Twitter pet peeves. What makes you want to unfollow someone?


  1. Anonymous11:37 AM

    I unfollowed someone after they passed away as they quit tweeting anything

    1. That's a pretty good reason!

  2. I so agree, great article Nikki