Monday, November 28, 2005

Miracles In Every Moment

It's a stormy Monday morning in Chi-town and like many others, the weather affects my mood. So, I was in need of a little inspiration. It was such a blessing when this motivational email came across my inbox. My good friend, author JL King always tells me, "Don't close your eyes, you might miss a miracle" so I post this today with my eyes wide open.

Miracles in every moment

There are miracles in every moment if you'll just take the
time to see them. There is value in every circumstance if
you'll simply make the effort to appreciate it.

Even on the most ordinary and tedious days there are
magnificent and extraordinary treasures to be lived. They
are yours when you open your mind and your heart to the

There is no need to long for some distant bright day on
which everything will be perfect. For you can make this very
day as bright and shining and fulfilling as you choose.

Open your eyes and realize what a miracle it is that you
know you are here. Choose in this very moment to make the
most of your awesome good fortune.

The wind blows, the sun rises, the snow falls and the ocean
relentlessly pounds the shore. Life rolls on with fresh new
possibilities at every turn.

There are miracles in every moment. What a privilege and joy
it is to be a part of life.

Ralph Marston


  1. I too belive in Miracles, If we take the time to step back and watch gods handy work you too can see miracles happen right before your eyes, It took me some years to be able to step back and allowe God to go to work , I my self am a miracle in 1999 I was in a car accident that put me in the hospital for 3months Rehab for 3months to learn to walk again, I was in a coma for a month the doctors had told my daughter if I did come out of the coma my brain would be damage they said I more then likey would not even know who they were, God went to work on me and showed every one his work{Miracle} I came out the coma and asked my daughter what was wrong with her sitting their crying, Yes miracles happen every day just open your eyes. I thank God every day for working a miracle in my life, The only thing that changed in my life was at times I do forget things I may have laided down or forget how to spell something that I know how to write or spell I have to write every thing down like if I had paided a bill I might paid it again NOW THAT IS A MIRACLE""""""

  2. Yes, it is importnt to treasure and value each day. We really need to give God thanks and appreciation for life's gifts. I recently met a 17 year old teenager (young female) who recently here walked away from a car accident in where the other 3 women in the same car died on the scene. It happened the day after Thanksgiveing. I met her, took her a balloon, a card, some macademia cookies and a new gratitude jourmal for her to express her innermost thoughts. Her name is Spring. She is my new friend, for I love young people. So we need to be reminded each day to value life and treasure it.

    georgia peach (sharon)

  3. Wow! It is indeed a privilege. I believe in miracles and cherishing moments most people wouldn't. I've been called, "easy" because I gleefully enjoy the simplest things. Ha! That doesn't stop me, though.