Thursday, January 05, 2006

Gearing up for 2005 - Day Five

So we're halfway there and you guys are doing very well! A+ for your contributions.

What were the three most significant events of the last year?

I think most of us can agree: Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Rita and Hurricane Wilma came through and changed the way we see change America's response time to natural disasters. We also saw how such a tragedy will effect race relations in America. May be cliche but it also brought home how blessed my life is. I don't want have to lose everything to appreciate that. And in 2006, I will keep my focus on that.


  1. you're pretty much covered the national events i was going to think of so for Detroit i would say:

    The mayoral election was a trip but our Hip hop mayor is back in his throne and this time without the large diamond in his ear.

    Rosa Parks dying. It really had the world watching Detroit and they were privy to our eight hour funerals - girl that's just normal here.

    Me getting the Spirit of Detroit award (highest award city council can give). I don't know about anyone else and though the attention was little to none here, it was just wonderful for me, LOL.

  2. Rosa Parks dying. It really had the world watching Detroit and they were privy to our eight hour funerals - girl that's just normal here.

    ~ Ahhhhh, thanks for this: we lost quite a few pioneers this year. Richard Pryor, Rosa Parks, August Wilson, and Shirley Chisolm to name a few. What amazed me about Rosa Parks, especially, was the number of people who were surprised at the media coverage that she received - asking why is it such a big deal. Our history is being lost, slowly but surely, generation by generation.

  3. PS. And congrats on the award - that is a very big deal and well deserved.

  4. Anonymous8:19 AM

    I think the stupidity of Bush and his handling of everything. His administration must believe the general American public is stupid. Also , the death of Icons. Unfortunately our children have no sense of history or self. They don't realize this whole country was built on the sweat and tears of African American people.
    Huricane Katrina is a reminder that we haven't come that far. Racism is alive and thriving.

  5. Happy New Years Nikki!

    The most trying days of 2005 was the death of my half-sister to domestic abuse; experiencing Hurricane Katrina & Rita first hand; getting pregnant (a blessing in disguise);and waking up to see 2006.

    I was also touched by several celebrity deaths- Rosa Parks, Richard Pryor, Luther Vandross, and Ossie Davis.

    I hope this year is a blessed year for everyone!

  6. Happy New Year to you too, TBou. The loss of your sister was felt over here as well. I didn't know her personally but heard so many wonderful things about her from you and your cousin. But I know that Heaven has another angel. And congrats on your pregnancy! You go girl!