Friday, January 06, 2006

Gearing Up For 2006 - Day Six

So now we're at day 6. And this was one for the journal. I actually started thinking about it yesterday and still am a bit perplexed. I answered it but then the question seemed to beg for a response with a deeper meaning. So I scrapped the original answer and thought some more. Let's see how you do with this one.

What did I do right?

Well, well, well. I accomplished a lot this year and I think that ties into one of the biggest things I did right. I went after my dreams and made no apologies about it. I stepped outside of the box, challenged my self to take it up a notch, reinvented myself on several different levels, etc. etc. etc. For so long I have been scared, ashamed, apologetic about being successful. Don't ask my why or when it happened but it did. And even when I accomplished something, I didn't feel good about it. But last year that changed. So all I can say is, "Watch out for me in 2006". It's about to be on!


  1. Anonymous7:49 AM

    I took someone in that had nowhere else to go. I gave him a chance to start over somewhere safe.

  2. I lived with no regrets.

    I didn't let others get me down and I made it through and I'm alive healthy and happy.

  3. I LIKE that .... Living with no regrets!

  4. 1. I asked God to order my steps & to paraphrase Ludacris, "When He moved, I moved...just like dat!"

    2. I decided to get out of my own way, stop blocking my own blessings.

    3. I lived as my authentic self & gave other people space to show up the same way.

    *Whew* What a year!


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