Friday, August 04, 2006

Fast Food Society

For as long as I can remember, I've had this love/hate relationship with food. I've been on every diet known to man and some that haven't even been discovered yet. I'm impatient in almost everything I do and that's a really annoying trait to have when you're trying to lose weight. And yes I know I didn't gain it overnight but I want to lose it yesterday.

So this has been the hardest part for me to get; trusting the process and allowing my body to do what it's supposed too. I am so focused on seeing immediate results that I don't look past the short term. But when it comes to your health it's not about the right now but the long term.

And to ensure that I have the right tools, I have assembled a team of experts. You can learn about them and my journey to understanding my relationship with food at They give weekly updates on fitness and nutrition then I throw in my two cents.

Here are this weeks contributions:

Personal trainer Kevin King asks the question, "What are your workout goals? In other words, how much time can you realistically devote to a workout program? The most important element in answering this question is to be brutally honest. We want everything. A beautiful and healthy body, a satisfying love life, a fulfilling career, loyal friends etc. Be patient, you can't have everything all at once. You want a great body and you want it now. Make realistic goal, unrealistic goals set you up for failure. Your ultimate vision for fitness and wellness must be a lifelong process. Working out does not have to be dreadful; it can become a natural part of you day. You and your body are together for life."

According to nutritionist "Michael Michaelangelo" Bance, "burning body fat through exercise can be accomplished in various ways. However, the best way to is to first start with your nutrition. Individuals who take at least 500 of milligrams of Vitamin C actually burn 39 percent more fat during exercise? You can derive vitamin C from foods such as Oranges, Apricots, Strawberries, Melons and Tomatoes. Avoid training with low levels of Vitamin C, because this impedes your body's ability to use fat as energy. The best way to boost your Vitamin C intake is through supplements such as Buffered C 500."

Michael Bance can be contacted through his website at and Kevin King can be reached at He offers free consultation for your first visit.

So with Michael and Kevin, things are slowly sinking in. I'm stubborn and hard-headed but if you continue to do what you've always done then you'll get what you've always gotten. I'm starting to understand the "process" and appreciate the journey. I'm at the beginning but I am prepared for the long haul. How about you?


  1. Your girl in Rock Hill10:46 AM

    Thanks for the candid insight. Sometimes we feel as though we're alone in the struggle to be healthy, but you make it real in the different aspects of weight issues. I just had my 2nd child in 13 years and am just now making the decision to be healthy in my journey to lose the weight & live healthy. Thanks for sharing your struggle with the rest of the world.

  2. Hey baby!

    The little one is precious! I actually have a nutritionist because the baby was picking up my bad eating habits so I will send you my meal plans if you want them. They really have taught me a whole different way of eating!

    Love you!

  3. Rock Hill10:10 AM

    Hey girl! Yes, please do send your meal plans... this time, I plan to make it work to my benefit, as well as for my family. Love you right back!

  4. keep doing your thing cause you got it going on!!!! I didn't know Individuals who take at least 500 of milligrams of Vitamin C actually burn 39 percent more fat during exercise great info.

  5. *Rock Hill: send me your email addy again, girl!

    * ghstwryter: thanks for always having my back. love u.

  6. Rock Hill7:12 AM

    Nikki - my e-mail is: U know I have to have your back. God's blessings to you & yours always,
    Rock Hill