Friday, November 17, 2006

My Gratitude List

It was a rough day for me yesterday. I accepted it without embracing it and know that today is a new beginning. So to do a little mental check and balance, I am stealing this idea from a fellow blogger, who shares his gratitude list each Wednesday on his blog Lover's Anonymous.

I never fail to count my blessings but there is something very powerful about putting them in writing and sharing them with the world. I tried to just bullet point my list but that was impossible for me. I had to include explanations. I also tried to limit it to five. Also impossible.

My 40 minute drive into work. It is peaceful, quiet and allows me to pray and clear my head before I get to the j.o.b.

The first sip of coffee. Whew, at 4:00 in the am there is nothing better .... well, almost nothing, but that's another gratitude list. :)

Kissing the sweet part of my three year old's neck when he first wakes up. He still smells like a baby and only likes to cuddle when he's sleepy so I take advantage of Saturday and Sunday mornings. He crawls in my bed and we cuddle while watching the Disney Channel.

Whispered late night conversations with the one I love. That is the time when hopes, dreams and wants run rampant. It's by far the sweetest and most calming part of my day.

My five-year old's zest for learning. We have the best conversations. Yesterday we saw a group of teenagers smoking and for 15 minutes we went back and forth about the dangers of smoking and why he would never do it. Finally, he asked me where they bought the cigarettes from. When I replied, "the store." He said, "but mommy, why would a store sell something that would hurt you?" Good question, huh?

My mother's daily meditations. Ain't nothing like a praying mama.

My friend, Melissa and her drive-by visits that keep my sane. I never know when she's going to show up but she's always right on time.

My assistant's anal retentive nature. My life would slowly fall apart without her. :)

Asisago Cheese Bagles from The Corner Bakery. Especially when they are just a little burnt. Yummy.

My big sister (she hates it when I call her that), who gives me time to myself when I need it but stalks me when I stay away too long.

Fall colors. Especially the leaves, the reds and the oranges, look beautiful covering a freshly cut lawn.

Friends that continue to peel away my layers. It takes a while to work your way into my circle, but when you are .... there's no "get out of jail free" card. You're stuck with me for life.

My Christmas Cactus that never fails to flower around this time. It is from a clippling of the Christmas cactus that was placed on my grandfather's grave some 24 years ago. It's beautiful.

My father's sense of timing. I'm never late for anything.

The ability to express myself through the written word. It is truly a stress reliever.

Share your gratitude list.


  1. I'm grateful that someone else KNOWS that Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry is the BOMB!!!!

  2. Being thankful for what we do have and what's around us make the struggles of our issues seem less important.

  3. nikki woods8:04 AM

    Dance: Alright Dance, now if you can hang with me on "Let The Circle Be Unbroken", I may let you have my first born.

    Nah ... you'd only give him back.

    Writerwritz: Yes, and the amazing thing about being thankful is that as you concentrate on the things you have to be thankful for, the longer the list grows. I'm thankful for that. :)