Wednesday, June 12, 2013

7 Keys To Turning Online Hook Ups Into Long-Term Love!

Upwards of 40 million people are looking for love via the internet so it surprises me that I still run across single people wanting to be in relationships but are leery about dating online. 

If you’re one of those, this news might change your mind.

A new study finds that, not only do one in three Americans meet their spouses online BUT those marriages are more satisfying and less likely to end in divorce than marriages that begin the traditional way.  

The study, which was funded by e-Harmony takes into account various forms of online venues including social media, chat rooms and email, as well.

It’s also interesting to note that of the people who met their spouses the “old school” way, more satisfying marriages were linked with couples who met in school, places of worship or grew up together than couples who met at a bar, at work or on a blind date.

So, why is online dating leading to more frequent and more satisfying marriages?

One reason is online dating stems from a deliberate, pro-active step taken by two people at the same time.  When you meet someone in line at the grocery store or even on a blind date, even if there’s a mutual attraction there’s always the chance that one person is more into it than the other.  With online dating at least you know that both of you have a similar desire to become a couple.  You also have a bigger pool of prospective partners, and online sites are more focused on finding long-term mates, the study showed.

I spoke with relationship/dating coach Anissa Oden, the founder of the smartphone App, MyBoopy shared seven tips fro finding love on line.

1.   Be patient.  There are millions of online dating users, so it may take some time,  Don’t be quick to throw in the towel if you haven't found that perfect match in the first few months.  Remember, you may have to dine with a few 'frogs' before you find your 'prince/princess' :-).  

2.   Keep an open mind and enjoy YOUR experience; recognize that each and every online dating experience is unique.  Don’t be heavily influenced by one’s success or failures; judge for yourself.

3.   When completing your dating account profile, do not pigeon hole yourself when it comes to your preferences.  For example, if you are a 5’4” female looking for a male that is at least 6’2”, you could be missing out on a great match.  Do you  really want someone at least 6’2” or do you just want someone that is taller than you.

4.    When you choose a username/screen name, don’t select one that may give the wrong impression of who you are and what you represent.  For example, a profile name of Sex Kitten 123 may encourage traffic, but it may possibly promote the wrong type of attention.

5.   Keep your dating profile brief, and concise.  Give enough information about yourself to intrigue those that are viewing your profile, but not so much that there is nothing else to talk about. 

6.   Use profile photos taken within 12 month and make  sure you take lots of pictures that clearly represent who you are.  If picture is worth a thousand words…. how many do you think four are worth?!?!  Avoid the selfies, especially in the bathroom or car.  

7.   Use common sense and never compromise your safety.  Use tools like Google to get preliminary background information.  There are online sites and apps that are also available (i.e. that provide some helpful information. But f your gut is telling you that something is not right …. it probably isn’t.

Below is my entire interview with Anissa.

 If you tried online dating and have an experience you’d like to share good or bad I’d like to hear it. 


  1. I tried using a few sites. I was contacted by men from other races and it was interesting. But I really never got into online dating as much. I still prefer to know a little about a date before going out with them. And I prefer to date men that have been introduced to me by friends or family. At least I know who to cuss out if they turn out to be crazy!

    1. That is so true Paula! lol. I pretty much had the same experience.

  2. Anonymous12:29 PM

    The problem I have with it,If guys are DISHONEST "In~PERSON", what WoN'T they LIE about "ONLINE". I'm not TOTALLY against it, but we women havr 2to be CAUTIOUS~EnOuGh, and I PROCEED with CaUtIoN. In THIS "DaY~&~AgE", so should the MEN!!!

  3. Anonymous12:56 PM

    I have been trying online dating for a few years now, off and on and there have been many ups and downs but women need to be cautious because there are alot of scammers out there. It is their business to get money or anything they can get out of you. I have had the misfortune to be scammed for money and am still trying to get out from under the debts incurred because of it. Some men use fake profiles and pictures that they get easily off of facebook or other social media networks or even fashion catalogue photos etc...

    I am extremely cautious now and extensively check everyone that comes into my life. Maybe one day I will actually find that honest person who is after me and not after sex or money. Thank you.